Mayor’s rush to put politics before public safety endangers workers, community and commuters!

It’s obvious that it is election time again here in Hamilton Township!

In an effort to appease voters and pull the wool over their eyes, after years of neglect the Yaede Administration rushed to begin repaving the intersection at Yardville Hamilton Square Road and Kuser Road to have completed in time for the June Primary Election.  However, the haphazard attempt to fool the public that somehow there is a plan to maintain our roads is just another example of years of failed management by our Mayor.

The township received a grant from the New Jersey of Department of Transportation in 2017 to repair a stretch of road and the intersection which was nicknamed “Bedrock Boulevard” by local residents, however, waited until this year, an election year to begin the work.

The project which began this week has been a commuter’s nightmare, and public safety hazard for both the public and the township workers on the job site because politics was put before a proper plan and public safety.

It’s evident from the photo of the handmade sign that they are not in compliance with the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation and Federal Department of Transportation regulations that require a proper traffic control plan and proper signage to ensure both the safety of the workers and the public.

By violating the requirements they are also non-compliant with the requirements of the State grant and could be in jeopardy of having the grant rescinded.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I drove by and saw a hand-colored sign”, stated Hamilton Republican Mayoral Candidate David Henderson.  “The disdain for the public and the worker’s safety at this site is a complete dereliction of duty on her part and her administration.  I get that they are following my lead and running around trying to fix every problem that I have pointed out on social media for the last two years, but don’t put the public and the township workers lives at risk for political expediency – that’s just reckless!

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