The Henderson Plan for Hamilton Township … Common Sense, Conservative Solutions

Reduce taxes thru efficient government

My Administration will develop task-specific plans and standards that outline the manpower, time, equipment and materials to complete any job facing our employees. Whether a door needs to be replaced, a room painted, or 4 miles of roadway needs to be milled and paved, we will have a Standard Operation Procedure that covers the work at hand. The cardinal rule of an efficient organization is a Plan and standards to carry out that Plan.

Fire Consolidation

My position remains that of immediate consolidation to a single district being the most expeditious and viable.  The original plan the Fire Service wanted to implement at the time they collected their petition signatures was a migration to a single district system.   I will immediately make that happen while working with Council and the Fire Fighter’s unions to plan to move to a municipal fire service once the 8 Fire Districts normalize their operation as one district.

Real Economic Development

As I outlined when I announced my candidacy, my vision for the future stated the need to move away from the current template of waiting to see what fast food companies and warehouse developers present as their ideas.  Quality Economic Development and Re-Development will bring increased property values and improved quality of life. My Economic Development initiatives will include engaging with corporations in the growing off-shore wind turbine industry, pharmaceuticals, finance, IT infrastructure and digital therapeutics while keenly developing partnerships with blue collar and light manufacturing ventures.  My plan will focus primarily on redeveloping existing infrastructure while leaving every option open for consideration.

Implement responsible management team

I will seek out and recruit the best available managers who will lead from the front and set the example necessary to present an efficient, quality product while stressing taxpayer satisfaction.

Defeat nepotism and cronyism

The very best people will be hired and promoted implementing quality hiring practices and rejecting the culture of cronyism and nepotism inherent in our current government. I will make every effort to ensure that the workforce reflects the character of our community.

Address deficient infrastructure - township buildings

The Township has quite a storied record of deficiencies when it comes to the maintenance of our buildings. New building construction is more costly than regular repairs and maintenance.  We have many older buildings and we cannot afford to neglect our resources kicking the can down the road and postponing these efforts until it is too late and too costly. My Administration will develop a comprehensive plan to repair and maintain our structures.

Open government, transparency, address and revise the OPRA Policy

The current atmosphere of ambiguities has become legendary in municipal government. My Administration will immediately move to a kinder and gentler client services-based workforce. Interaction with the public will change and a revised policy regarding Open Public Records Act Requests will be implemented at once. Only litigation, personnel matters, and archived records will be the subject of OPRA submittals, and every effort will be made to transfer ALL records to public access on the Township webpage.

Utilize union direct hire agreements

The Council approved last year a direct hire agreement with the local unions to afford our government the ability to bring skilled, task-specific labor to the application on Township work to be undertaken. To date, this agreement has not been used even once. I will make sure we use this agreement as a tool for applying the best possible solution to the challenges facing my Administration.

Citizens Advisory Boards

I plan to tap the wealth of knowledge available from our residents by establishing Citizens Advisory Panels to provide input to our government.  Within the first 60 days, I will establish Panels for the Animal Shelter, the Department of Public Works, the Health Department and the Senior Center.  These groups will be a foundation of knowledge and experience in many areas where the government lacks specific expertise including engineering, finance, health services, construction and management that would otherwise not be available to us.

No Politicking on Township Property

Immediately politicking on Township time and Township property will cease.  I will enforce a firm and strong policy with no exceptions that coercion, bullying, strong-arming and intimidation tactics of employees will be answered swiftly and strongly with the harshest penalties possible.