Animal Shelter Investigation Report!

The Hamilton Township Governing Body Animal Shelter Investigation Subcommittee has released its eight-month long investigative report on the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter. Click the button below to read the independent non-partisan report and judge for yourself!

Reduce Taxes

Yes-We can stop the massive tax increases and even cut taxes by eliminating wasteful spending and implementing proper planning.

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Fire District Consolidation

It's time to stop playing politics, start saving money and consolidate our Fire Districts for our safety and the firefighters.

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Real Economic Development

Hamilton doesn't need more warehouses or convenience stores!  We need well-thought-out development and redevelopment.

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Is Hamilton better off today then it was seven years ago?  The answer is NO!

For too long, politicians have put their own interests ahead of the people they represent.

Because of that our quality of life has suffered.

Our housing values are stagnant, our roads are a mess, crime is on the rise, taxes have increased, yet services have declined.

It's time for new leadership that will put people before special interests.

It's time to change the culture!

Your vote on June 4, 2019, in the Republican Mayoral Primary, is how we start!


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